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Your Kaplan Family Contact:

Your contact for our family website is Ettie Handelman. Ettie is the daughter of Sarah and Wolf Sacks; Sarah, the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Kaplan.

Ettie has worked tirelessly over the years as the family historian and has single handedly kept the family newsletter and reunions alive. We would not be the close family that we are today without her constant efforts.

To contact Ettie, please email her at:

Please keep her informed of all important family matters such as address changes, marriages, births, deaths, and other family news.


Your Webmaster:

Your webmaster is Kama Storie. Kama is the daughter of Pam Southernwood; Pam, the daughter of Isaac and Hannah Kravitz; Isaac, son of Ike and Miriam Kravitz; Miriam, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Kaplan.

Kama currently lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her husband Eric and their children Emily and Dylan. 

To contact Kama, please email her at

Please contact Kama with any requests, suggestions or corrections in regards to this website. If you have general comments, you can enter them in the Guest Book on our home page.


Kama is also currently compiling our family photo albums and recipe book. If you have pictures or recipes you would like her to post on the website please contact her to make arrangements.

**Special thanks to Andrew Rolnick for his time and effort as the original Kaplan Family Webmaster.**