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The family on the East Coast kept in touch with the Detroit families and there were communications and visits back and forth. In this way all the cousins had the opportunity to know each other, and many became close friends.

Kitty was now alone with her parents. Hannah was a very ill person with heart disease and unable to work any more. They moved to Manchester to be near Miriam. Miriam also was not well and the heavy fog affected her heart. Since Hannah was unable to help her she sent Kitty to be with the Kravitz children. Kitty not only helped out the Kravitz family, but became responsible for the care of her parents. Hannah spent her days on the sofa directing Kitty on how to keep an immaculate house. At the same time Hannah insisted that Kitty learn to sew. Her philosophy was "Where ever you go in this world people need clothes, so there will always be a sewing job." They lived in a mixed neighborhood of Jews and Hindus, and Kitty went to an old Sephardic School. They remained in Manchester until 1921.


Fay Fagil, daughter of Miriam and Abe Kravitz, 

Mother of Maureen Stephens, Roslyn Hilton, and Shirley McCarthy.


In 1921 Sarah, Wolf, Fairy and Ben again, saved a little money and borrowed from the finance company to send tickets to their parents and Kitty. They were booked for boat passage (steerage) aboard the ship Carmania which sailed from Liverpool. Hannah was advised by her Hindu doctor not to travel but she refused to listen to him. She wanted to be with all of her children and grandchildren. They packed the bare necessities, plus the candlesticks, Elijah's Cup used at Passover, and prayer books. The ship's manifest lists Samuel, Hannah and Kate (Kitty) as being from Manchester. It also lists their birth place as Borisna, Russia (which today is Borisnov, Belorusse). It listed J. Goldman, their son in law as their sponsor. And their destination was Millie and Joseph's home located on Hawthorn Street in Chelsea, Mass. Samuel declared that he had $100 in his possession. As sponsor, Joseph Goldman declared a net worth of $1,000 and a monthly income of $60.

Samuel, Hanna and Kitty landed in New York where Kitty stayed with Becky and Jack, who showed her the town. Hannah and Samuel went to Boston to be with Millie, Joe, and the grandchildren. Hannah was there a short time when she suffered a heart attack, and they sent for Kitty. After six weeks, Hannah decided that they must go to Detroit to see the rest of the family. They stayed with Sarah and Wolf.

Four days after their arrival in Detroit, Hannah died from a heart attack on May 28, 1921, at the age of 56. There was literally no money for a funeral, so she was buried in the Poor Women's Section of a fraternal organization's cemetery. It took several years of saving and again going to the finance company before the family could erect a headstone as a grave marker.

Kitty now lived with Sarah and Wolf and Samuel stayed with Fairy and Ben. A job was found for Kitty as a "sewer." She met and married David Wallace a half brother of Ben Buttner.

Samuel divided his time between his three daughters who saw to it that his need to be an observant Jew was respected. Even though the families were living in Detroit and the East Coast, they remained in close contact, and Judaism was practiced in their homes in one way or another. Samuel had no independent means of support but needed to show his appreciation for what his family was doing for him. Economic times were very bad, but he sold papers, new and used. People loved to see and be with this handsome gentleman with the snow white hair and a tinge of red in his white beard. He had a great sense of humor and was physically strong. He recuperated from major surger and an automobile accident very quickly because he refused to stay in bed. Age took its toll however, and when he was eighty the family found it very hard to care for him. He became a resident of the Jewish Home and lived there until his death at the age of eighty-three, on July 3, 1936. He is buried in a different cemetery than his wife Hannah because fo the accessibility of the cemetery to the family.

In 1928, Miriam's oldest daughter, Reka, was sent to Detroit and stayed with Fairy and Ben. Several years later Bertha, her sister, arrived in Detroit. Miriam's third daughter, Fay, at approximately fourteen years old was put o a boat to America with just a label pinned to her coat advising of her name and that she was traveling alone. She was to join her sisters Reka and Bertha. The plan was for the whole family of Miriam and Abe Kravitz to live under one roof, but unfortunately this was never to happen. The authorities would not pass Ike Kravitz because of his ill health. Fay lived in America with her family and with her Aunts, Sarah and Kitty, but when the Wall Street crash and the war years came, Miriam asked Fay to return to England to assist her in a hairdressing business she had opened.

In 1950, many years after she was widowed, Miriam Kravitz came to Detroit to be with Reka and Bertha, leaving the rest of her family in London and Manchester where they reside to this day.

In 1952 the Kaplan Family Club was formed in Detroit. It was formed for several reasons:

1) To maintain the gravesites of Samuel and Hannah Kaplan

2) The cousins, aunts and uncles liked to be together, and

3) We felt it was important to maintain close family ties as the family clan increased in numbers.