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Family Reunion 2004 - 

Philadelphia, Pa

Wow! What a great weekend.

On July 2 - 5, 2004, 64 family members traveled from 3 countries to gather at the Valley Forge Wyndham Suites Hotel in Philadelphia, PA for another Kaplan Family Reunion, and a fun time was had by all.

Ettie Handelman & Hank Gluckman

Click here for a full report by Elliot Goldman.



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Updated Family Address List 

submitted 2/06 by Kama Storie

The Kaplan Family address list has finally been updated. If you are interested in having a copy please contact me at the above email address,  and I will be happy to send you a copy through the mail. 

Thanks - Kama Storie



Hannah Stanger

submitted7/06 by Cary Stanger

Unfortunately, I have sad news to update the Kaplan family tree. My mother Hannah Stanger, daughter of Rebecca Schneider, (descendant of Millie & Joseph Goldman) died in New York on June 14, 2006. She was less than a month short of her 84th birthday.



New Information on Family History!

submitted 7/05 by Andrew Rolnick

I [recently visited] the Ellis island website and I found some great information on Samuel and Hannah. I was actually able to find the ship manifest and here is the information that was listed: 

First of all, the name is spelled Kaplan and not Caplan. I am curious as 

 to how it got changed over the years. Samuel and Hannah arrived at Ellis Island on April 8, 1921. It lists Samuel's age as 64 and Hannah's age as 56. Traveling with them was Kate (Kitty) Kaplan, age 22. They arrived on the ship Carmania which sailed from Liverpool. It lists Samuel, Hannah and Kate as being from Manchester. It also lists their birth place as Borisna, Russia (which today I think is Borisnov, Belorusse.) 

They listed J. Goldman, their son-in-law (my great-grandfather Joseph Goldman) as their sponsor. 

And their destination was Millie and Joseph's home located on Hawthorn Street in Chelsea, Mass. Samuel declared that he has $100 in his possession. As sponsor, Joseph Goldman declared a net worth of $1,000 and a monthly income of $60.

To get copies of the documents is no longer free, but I am going to buy copies of the ship's manifest and the personal documents of Samuel and Hannah. I will scan them and send them to all the family members.

I thought you would enjoy having this information.

Webmaster's note: This new information has been entered into the Family History on page 2.


The Rosenfeld Family submitted 9/05

Susan and Hillel Rosenfeld made Aliyah to Israel in 2004. They had both retired from their careers and being religious Jews decided to move to Israel which they have always prayed for. They have no family there but have developed a corps of friends who are like extended family. They come back to the States every summer to spend four weeks with Susan's mom Ettie. Ettie also spends four weeks every year visiting them in Israel, so they have much quality time together. They also stay in regular contact via phone and email.

The Elkowitz Family submitted 7/04

The most recent change in the Elkowitz family was the retirement of both Earl and Sylvia. Earl retired after 37 years of teaching in the Detroit Public School system. Sylvia retired from the Bureau of Labor Statistics after 25 years of Federal Services.


The Goldman Family submitted 7/04

Elliot is an Investment Broker. Muriel is a medical practice office manager. We live in King of Prussia, PA and our apartment overlooks Historic Valley Forge.

We have one son, Arthur who is a lawyer and a granddaughter, Audrey 11 and a grandson, Sam 6.

We have been married for 43 years.


The Kent Family submitted 7/04

Skip Kent is a clinical social worker and a fabulous cook! Paulette is an adminstrative assistant in a preschool in a schul.

Matthew is working part-time and also writing. He is 26 years old.

Jessica is a student in early childhood development and works full time in the same preschool as her mom. She is 23 years old and lives on her own.

Mandy is a third year at Western Michigan University majoring in special education. She also teaches Sunday school for the second grade. She is 20 years old.


The Kravitz Family submitted 7/04

Great Grandmother: Miriam Kravitz (Kaplan).

Grandmother: Fay Fagil (Kravitz) & Morris Fagil. Three daughters: Maureen, Shirley and Roslyn.

Mother: Roslyn Hilton (Fagil) & Neil Hilton. Two daughters: Helene and Louise.

Daughters: Helene Blankstone (Hilton) & Neil Blankstone. Two daughters: Millie Faye, age 5, and Lottie Nicole, age 2.

                    Loise Adler (Hilton) & Nick Adler. One son: Joshua Neil, age 2.

We all live in Liverpool, Merseyside - The hometown of the Beatles!


Sandra Marcitocki-Kervin submitted 7/04

Sandra has a new grandson, Evan Mark Plecinoga, born December 11, 2001, to Karen and Mark Plecinoga. Karen is the daughter of Sandra Tobin Marcitocki.

Sandra remarried 2 years ago. Her husband's name is John Kervin, known as Ned.


The Page Family submitted 7/04

Ruth (aka Duffy) and Lawrence (Larry) Page. Ruth is the daughter of Harry Goldman and Rebecca Katz Goldman, both of blessed memory. Larry is a dentist who practices in Providence with his son, Marc. Duffy is the Israel Desk and Community Relations Director at the Bureau of Jewish Education of Rhode Island. They have three children, Marc Page (and his wife Debra), Allison Page, and Laura Page. They also have three grandchildren; Rebekah, Zachary, and Daniel.

Allison is the Manager of Actuarial Support and Services at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Wellesley, MA.

Laura is a Clinical Social Worker and Assistant Director of the Elliot Clinic at Concord Hospital in Concord, MA.

Marc is a dentist in Providence and works with Larry. Debra is a computer programmer analyst. They have three children, Rebekah Beth, age 12; Zachary Seth, age 11; and Daniel Louis, age 2 1/2.


Linda Sacks (previously Bragg) submitted 7/04

Linda Sacks (Bragg) is the daughter of Phyllis Robb and the granddaughter of Sarah Sacks, and great granddaughter of Hannah Kaplan. She is currently residing in Michigan. She has four children, Mara, Leah, Eli and Nathan.

Mara Bragg recently married Aaron Elstein. They are both writers. Mara is a freelance editor and Aaron writes for Cranes Business Week. They live in Manhattan and are renovating a new apartment they recently purchased.

Leah Nico just recently married David Hatch. Leah is a law student and David is a lawyer. They live in LA.

Eli Adam graduated from University of Michigan and is an archaeologist. He just completed his first dig and is hoping to move to the Southwest.

Nathan Bragg is a sophomore at Western Michigan University in Business. He is looking forward to an internship at GM next summer.


The Surden Family submitted 7/04

Marjie and Lou Surden live in suburban Philadelphia. Marjie is the daughter of Harry and Rebecca Goldman. Marjie and Lou are the parents of Molly and Harry.

Molly is married to Marc Suddleson and the are the parents of our sweet grandson, Jacob. Molly, Marc and Jacob live in Silver Spring, MD, about 2 hours away. We try to visit them as frequently as possible.

Marjie has been a teacher at the Perelman Jewish Day School (a Soloman Schechter School) for 24 years. Lou has been involved with pharmaceutical market research for 35 years, with drug companies, market research agencies and as a consultant. Recently, after eight years as a consultant, Lou returned to the agency environment as a senior researcher for NOP World Health.


Molly Surden, Marc and Jacob Suddleson submitted 7/04

Molly Surden and Marc Suddleson were married July 5, 1998. We have a 2 1/2 year old son, Jacob Benjamin Suddleson, who was born August 31, 2001.

We have lived in the Washington DC metropolitan area for the last several years; spending 6 years in Arlington, VA and recently purchasing a house in Silver Spring, Maryland. Marc works for the federal government at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a Program Manager in the Coastal Ocean Program. Molly is currently a stay-at-home mom, with a professional background in Public Policy.


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